Vegan with Soul

With the growing number of people choosing to switch to a plant based diet, the food scene is working to keep up with the demand. This can be difficult when you grew up on collard greens cooked the fat back, fried chicken and everything you can imagine cooked with pork infused in every bite. Going out to eat with the family or friends could prove to be a difficult task especially when you want that southern comfort. There are a few places in the DFW food scene that want to let you know that not only are they here, but they aim to make you feel the love and soul you grew up enjoying with every bite.

Peace.Love & Eatz

One of the newest spots on the block comes out of the Grow DeSoto Marketplace. This is a new concept that houses incubator spaces filled with various restaurants, shopping boutiques, a paint party studio, gym, food trucks and more (think along the lines of the Dallas Farmer's Market). Peace.Love & Eatz is easy to locate since they are immediately to your left once you walk through the front door of the Marketplace. They have smoothies, Acai bowls, and vegan tacos. On Fridays they also have po'boy sandwiches for an added treat. I tried to jackfruit tacos and they were amazing. The flavors ran deep throughout the jackfruit and there was just a slight kick. There is salsa served on the side for those who need more heat. You also get a side of fruit. The owners greet you with big bright smiles and gentle spirits that make you happy to support good people. 


You can find Soulgood featured in the Black Owned Business Guide I created along with The Eats Blog and Texasmegabites. Her business is still going strong and bringing you vegan goodness on wheels. This food truck can be found at various spots around town as well as events. I am addicted to the chili hotdogs. That chili would taste good slathered over anything (and now that I think about it a frito chili pie would be good right about now). The owner aims to bring fresh healthy food to the masses and show you that a plant based diet doesn't have to mean boring or bland. Check the calendar Facebook here to see when they will be at a location near you.

Sankofa Kitchen

Sankofa has been a staple in the DFW for several years. I loved it back in the day over by Fair Park and still love it in its new home across the street from Red Bird Mall. Sankofa is a restaurant that you can bring the whole family and everyone will find something they can enjoy. Sankofa is not a purely vegan restaurant. They have one of the best Sunday brunches in town. It's rare that I find a place that makes grits correctly, but Sankofa gets it right. You can order shrimp and grits or vegan shrimp and grits (that's right, vegan shrimp). You can get a turkey burger or vegan burger and both will leave you equally satisfied. Take in the beautiful artwork throughout the restaurant while you enjoy your meal. My favorites on the menu are the vegan cheeseburger, vegan fish and grits and vegan shrimp po'boy. 

Houston Hotsauce Co. (Honorable Mention-Not in DFW)

The Houston Hotsauce Co. is a company straight out of Houston, TX that is doing something pretty dope with the vegan food scene in the H. This food truck hosts regular themed events with paired food and sounds around themes like Jilly + Philly Cheezesteaks (Sounds by DJ Reel Chill featuring a Jill Scott mix and vegan cheesesteaks). Tupac and Tacos was another combo and for the Beyhive they even had a Bey and Jay BBQ. I'm just patiently waiting for their pop up in Dallas.....

Having a plant based diet doesn't have to mean boring, tasteless or lacking soul. It may be hard to find some good dishes around town, but slowly yet surely the options are growing for those with different diets. If you know of a vegan restaurant that I should try comment below or e-mail me at