Favorite Brunches of 2018

I think it’s no secret that if you’ve been with me for a while that brunch is by far my favorite meal of the week. Brunch is how I treat myself after a long week. Here are a few highlights (in no particular order) of my favorite brunches I’ve had this year.

Ten Eleven Grill

Chef Ty is the master mind behind the amazing dishes at Ten Eleven Grill. Each Sunday he brings a new special into play alongside the usual dishes that are served. I’ve had the pleasure of trying the baked chicken, fried chicken and waffles, fried catfish and grits, fried catfish and seafood dressing, mac n cheese, garlic mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes to name a few. I have always left with the same good quality food each time. If I ever have guests in town, this would be one of my top go to places to take them for brunch. For a smooth brunch experience I highly recommend following 1011 and Chef Ty on social media for announcements and purchasing a reservation prior to your visit. I recommend getting a reservation for the last slot of time available. The reservations are $25 which secures your table, and the money goes towards your bill. This place makes my list of favorites for the flavor of the food and atmosphere. The food is so good I had to get it catered for a party at my home and all of my guests enjoyed.


Pinstripes was recommended to me by Nevafindsfood when I was attending a conference in Ft. Worth. I rarely venture there, so I was a bit out of my territory so luckily she came through with the recommendations. They had a chicken pasta that I wanted to try, but unfortunately I didn’t make it to dinner. When I discovered that the pasta was on their brunch menu I decided to check it out the next day. This place makes my favorites list because it’s a good quality brunch buffet. It’s not a place with a bunch of generic food that sits out the entire brunch service. They have various stations including a meat carving station, omelette station and waffles station. You can also choose from a variety of brunch meats, pastas and desserts. The whipped butter and whipped nutella for the waffles was amazing and the pasta was really good. You can also bowl and catch sports events on the screens while you brunch.

Pie Tap Pizza

I don’t think it’s any secret just how much I enjoy Pie Tap Pizza. Because there are so many restaurants in Dallas I rarely make repeat visits to places because I’ve got a lot of ground to cover, but this is one place I have been to several times this year. The stars on the menu here that keep me coming back, and earned Pie Tap a place on my favorites list are the $2 Frose and the Cinnamon Rolls (literally some of the best cinnamon rolls I’ve ever had). I also enjoy getting the meatballs with puff bread (I make a meatball sub out of it) and the brunch pizzas.

Rose Petals Cafe

I found Rose Petals Cafe through Black Restaurant Week. I was so glad that this event was taking place at the same time as my visit to Philadelphia where Rose Petals is located. I went with my friend who was getting married and the reason for my trip to Philly. Rose Petals makes its way into my favorites list for many reasons. Lets start with service. One of my top pet peeves is bad customer service. I’m happy to report that we didn’t have this issue at all. We were warmly greeting upon entering and our waiter exceeded my expectations. The atmosphere inside was welcoming, warm and earthy. It was definitely my type of vibe. The menu has a variety of different waffles sweet and savory. My friend had the fish and grits which she enjoyed. I opted for a waffle and tried scrapple for the first time. They had a turkey version of scrapple which apparently is a stapple for Philly natives, so I felt like I was getting a bit of Philly culture with my meal. This is definitely a place that I would frequent if I lived in the city of brotherly love.

Nacho Daddy

I discovered Nacho Daddy on Yelp. I was in Vegas for my little cousins volleyball tournament and wanted to go get some brunch before heading to the tournament. The thing that caught my eye was the fact that you get a FREE margarita with your Yelp check in. They had good reviews as well so I figured why not. I expected sub-par food and sub-par drinks since it was free, but I was pleasantly surprised. I ordered the migas which were fresh and packed full of flavor. The free margarita was really good as well. It was a good size and had a good amount of alcohol in it so that’s a win win situation in my book. I’m already plotting my return to this place when I go back to Vegas in February.

Brunch Society Dallas

Brunch Society is a private brunch event that happens monthly. You have to be invited to attend this brunch, but keep your eyes posted to their social media account. They may be going public in the new year. Chef Ashley is an amazing chef and always comes up with a menu that leaves her guests satisfied. There is also always great conversation and lots of laughs. Some of my favorite things have been the chicken fried chicken, caramel french toast, sweet potato hash and crab legs. Oh and the bottomless mimosas will be flowing.

Bam’s Vegan

If you have not been to the Dallas Farmers Market anytime recently then you are missing out big time. This venue gives lots of up and coming entrepreneurs the chance to showcase their businesses to the metroplex and one of those businesses is Bam’s Vegan. Can we just pause for a second to applaud how far the vegan scene in the DFW has come just this year alone? Bam’s vegan is not bringing us boring, bland vegan food. His food would satisfy even the biggest meat eater. Bam’s vegan makes my list of favorites because of his ability to bring us flavors that any person, on any diet can leave happy with.


While you’re at the Farmers Market be sure to venture over to Brunchaholics as well. It’s best to make this Farmer’s Market trip with friends so that y’all can order a bunch of food from various vendors and split it. I’ve tried the soul food burrito here with grilled fish and it is something you need to try at least once in your life. It’s all of your favorite soul food items rolled together in a burrito. Sounds kind of iffy, but one bite will convert you.


Eggslut was another Vegas spot I tried this year. The line is really long, but it’s worth the wait. This is no ordinary breakfast sandwich. The eggs are some of the fluffiest creamy eggs I’ve had and the fresh brioche bun bread make the perfect combination. They have a variety of breakfast meats and add ons to take your breakfast sandwich to the next level. Don’t sleep on that freshly squeezed orange juice either. I’m pretty sure I’ll be back in that line in February when I’m back in Vegas.