Ride The Belle

Looking for a unique Date Night, Girl's Night Out, Anniversary, Birthday or fine dining experience? Look no further. Bijou Belle is changing the game with this one of a kind concept. You can dine on a plane, you can dine on a train, but who would have thought you could dine on a coach bus and get the same level of quality as a fine dining restaurant. The moment you step inside the interior decor sets this experience apart from the rest. You have comfortable plush seating, HDTV, a unique table to keep your food and drinks in place, a view of the fully functional kitchen and of course the beautiful scenes of the city from your window. When I asked Kobe Lewis of Bijou Belle how this concept came about he said, "I was looking to do something different. A dinner train in Michigan triggered the idea". The goal is to try to take the stress out of people's day. You can sign up for a public tour that will pick up at the NYLO in Irving, and enjoy each of your 3 course meal options at different scenic destinations around town. Bijou Belle is also available to rent out which will include the chef, wait staff and a violinist. Instead of hopping in the car to clear your mind, why not let Bijou Belle do the driving? Oh, and add a 3 course meal and cocktails with your ride. Are you ready to Ride The Belle?