Let's Talk Therapy Part 2


Let's Talk Therapy Part 2


Join Finding The Foundation and The COCOA Initiative for Part 2 of the Let’s Talk Therapy Series.

This months topic is all about the mental wellness of men. Too often the emotional needs and mental health of men goes ignored or overlooked. Our men are taught to be tough, to be strong, but not how to cope with the day to day struggles of life in particular living as a man of color. It’s time to fix that. Grab a friend and meet us at Brickhouse Burgers & Shakes for an evening of fellowship and enlightenment.

There will be licensed therapists available to mix and mingle, answer questions and provide insight about counseling services. If you’re curious about counseling, if you have a therapist, if you are a mental health professional, or if you’re just a person who loves and is concerned about the well being of our men then you need to be here.

June 27th
Brickhouse Burgers and Shakes
9090 SKILLMAN ST #174A, DALLAS, TX 75243

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