Social Justice Class

This semester is my last semester of grad school. Let's pause and take a moment to celebrate the end of this journey! I didn't know what to expect from this class, but it is actually turning out to be one of my favorite classes in the program. The class is a social justice class that is designed to get us to be aware of the social justice (or injustice) issues that our country faces. I think that every profession should have some sort of racial sensitivity training, and training for the issues various people face in general. We discuss the root of prejudice, racism, and issues that affect various groups (ethnic groups, LGBT, class, gender, age etc.) in this country and around the world. This class has challenged everything that I have ever been  taught, social norms and even some of my core beliefs. I'm starting to see some of the systems that have been put in place, and how deeply rooted some of those systems are. When I decided to become a teacher, it was because I wanted to make a difference in the educational system. I wanted to change the system for the better interest of the children. I am starting to see just how steep of a mountain that is to climb. When you join the system you are more likely to be gotten rid of before you can get to the point of changing anything. Anyone who deviates too much away from the standard poses to big of a threat to what is in place. Right now I'm just in this space of trying to figure out the next move. Until then, I will countdown the days until my graduation :-).